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Pure Magic Products are made with Pure Vibrational Energies of Crystals with Essential Oils

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Welcome to

Pure Magic Oils are not just Oils - they are Energy!  
They are Light, Healing, Love, and Empowerment.

You feel this when you put them on.  

When Worn or Inhaled daily they will:

  • Increase your Vibration

  • Increase your Ability to Connect with Spirit

  • Heal & Balance your Energies

  • Open You Up to Love and More!!

The Power of these Oils is difficult to describe - it is something  that must be experienced.  Everyone does not have the same ability  to sense and feel energy but most everyone will feel something when using these products.  Whether one is able to feel them strongly or not they will still benefit from using them.  

Just as the Crystals and Essential Oils by themselves initiate a healing response and an awakening and connection to many amazing gifts that we as humans possess but are not aware of - so do these oils. They take it a step further in that they are combined in a synergistic fashion amplifying all their individual effects to create a specific result. Click here to learn more about The Process of making our products.  

Pure Magic Oils comes in 12 Unique Blends of Essential Oils with the Pure Vibrational Energies of Crystals ,Reiki, & More: Liquid Light, Perfect Balance, Ultimate Healing, Open Heart, Pure Bliss, Abundance, Life Force, Nirvana, Holy Shield, Inner Alchemy, Violet Flame, Egyptian, and Lemurian.

Each blend comes in corresponding Bath Salts, Spray Mist, Lotion and Body Wash. Click here to see our products or find the nearest retail store.

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