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Kat Farrell is the owner and visionary behind OmVibe Yoga. Formerly Studio 41, a much loved yoga studio in Naples for years, OmVibe is now in that same space where she embarked full-time on her yogic journey over a decade ago. Feeling a wonderful sense of having come full circle, Kat hopes to share this feeling of coming home with all who pass through OmVibe's doors.

A passionate seeker and born yogini, Kat ditched the corporate "rat race" and former careers as a flight attendant and then stockbroker to spend several years traveling, and studying under many of the living yoga masters. She is Kripalu certified and her mentors include Baron Baptiste (she is an Associate Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher) David Swenson (she is certified in the Primary Series of Ashtanga),Rodney Yee, Duncan Wong, Tias Little, Shiva Rea, Patricia Walden and Ana Forrest.  She recognizes that studying under a master teacher is an incredibly powerful and palpable experience. There is a direct energetic exchange, imprinting and infusing on the higher levels of vibration and awareness.

Having been distinguished as a "yoga master" while at Kripalu, Kat strives to share this path of mastery to all that attend OmVibe's classes.  Many of the teachers at OmVibe are also considered masters of their particular style of yoga and/or T'ai Chi and Qi Gong.

About OmVibe
The beautiful sacred space is imbued with a very high and palpable vibration of all of the countless spiritual gatherings and masters that have graced the magical spot over the years. The most recent notable event happened on August 18, 2009, when Gurudev, Amrit Desai, founder of the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, made a rare appearance at OmVibe for a special one hour reception in his honor.

OmVibe's staff is overall among the most knowledgeable, highly-trained and passionate array of teachers to be assembled under one roof.  They offer safe, compassionate, world-class instruction in a number of styles from beginner to the most advanced. OmVibe is proud to offer you the "best of the best" and indeed every teacher is recognized as the top in their field. The concept of "like attracting like" is undeniably evident when experiencing the immense treasure-trove of mastery, skill and wisdom which OmVibe's teachers reflect as a team.

OmVibe is the official yoga studio for the Florida Everblades ice hockey team and Kat is the team's "yoga coach." She and her team of teachers also work individually with many professional athletes, competitive bodybuilders and CEO's of companies to help them attain peak performance and work at their ultimate edge.

What sets OmVibe apart from ordinary yoga studios is in the breadth and depth of offerings available. You can tailor your experience to fit your own unique spiritual and yogic path. For the beginner, there are numerous basic, foundational classes to choose from. And for those with more experience under their belt, there are classes in a variety of styles and challenge levels which will keep your yoga practice fresh and inspired.

From Essential Yoga and Yoga Basics to Power Vinyasa, Om Flow HOT,  KundaFlow and Anusara Inspired, you are sure to find just the mix of styles your soul craves! It is limiting to think that one particular style of anything can serve all of our ever-changing needs. Do you eat the same food for every meal? Or watch the same reruns? No! Your mind, body and soul crave variety and have different moods, needs and desires everyday. Why would your yoga practice be any different? Are you just recreating your same comfort zone in your yoga practice? When we get stuck in a rut is when we grow stale and our growth stagnates. Yoga is about stretching out of your normal comfort zones and OmVibe really allows you this freedom to choose different styles to get the most well-rounded practice possible. Of course there will be classes you like better than others but often times in this process of self-healing and growth, it is what we least like that we most need! Type A's don't need a steady practice of just Power Vinyasa and Type B's could probably stand a little revving up from time to time:) It is all yoga, and it is ALL good, good, good! Think of yoga and the many different styles as a big garden filled with beautiful flowers. Your practice is like picking a flower here and a flower there until you make your own unique, amazing bouquet that most resonates with YOU! You just need to trust the process and really listen to how your body responds.

The wonderful yoga classes are really just the launching pad in terms of what you will discover in the galaxy of OmVibe! There are also classes in T'ai Chi and Qi Gong to round-out your journey into energy and self-healing as well as life-enhancing workshops about empowerment, abundance, nutrition, shamanism, 2012, vibrational healing, sexuality, addiction and relationships. We understand that when you are consciously on the path of healing or undertaking any kind of transformative spiritual practice such as yoga, things will come up for you. We are providing the guidance and sacred space for you to navigate this intimate terrain safely and compassionately.

There are regular sharing circles facilitated by our resident psychotherapist who specializes in movement therapy as well as monthly Goddess Awakenings for women to rediscover their beautiful feminine energy while bonding together in sweet sisterhood. Potlucks, movie nights and a real sense of loving community make OmVibe much more than just a yoga studio.  You might think you are simply walking into a yoga class, but you might walk out with several new soul friends, a few great new healthy recipes and a whole new sense of being a part of something amazing. And finally, do we know FUN!  Our Friday night Om Dances are your time to let your hair down and dance the night away. OmVibe is proud to have a house DJ, Alexander Lafayette - DJ A-List - who specializes in spiritual and orbital grooves that will unbridle your soul and wake up your feet. The space transforms into a cool club type atmosphere and you can move to the groove in a smoke-free, substance-free environment, feeling free to remember the joy of dancing to great music on a great sound system.

Last but not least, OmVibe also offers massage therapy, energy work and intuitive readings. And just as with our teachers, every therapist has been hand-picked by Kat for being the top in their modality. Michael Buck, a world-renowned Thai Yoga Massage master has made OmVibe his Vedic Conservatory South and holds two workshops a year, in May and October. Kat specializes in this enlightened healing experience, along with her own "QuantOM Touch" energy healing, and is on her path to mastery of this modality also. Dave Clarke is a top neuromuscular therapist in Naples and teacher of this method and is booked months in advance. We are very blessed that he has aligned with OmVibe to offer his deep tissue therapeutic massages to our students on a preferred basis. Anjilique Santiago has also joined the OmVibe team and is a truly gifted healer and body worker. You may book appointments on-line with any of our therapists. These are not your run of the mill massages, but rather profound therapeutic healing experiences.

"My vision for OmVibe was to create a beautiful space for world class yoga instruction, healing, art, and for soul family to reunite. It is time to celebrate a high vibe of intentional and conscious living and to come home to a loving, supportive community of like-minded souls on the journey of spiritual ascension."

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